Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The library is the best place for...

I'm watching the Today Show before starting off for work, and Matt Lauer is interviewing a Consumer Reports spokesperson. They are talking about the Federal program of rebates for new energy star appliances. The CR guy says you can apply online for the rebate, and Matt says "what if you don't have a computer, or don't know how to find the rebate?" and the CR person says: (drumroll please) Go to the library. They can help you.
How right he is! In case you are looking for that rebate just go to:
or come in the library and we will help you find it.
On another note, this is National Library Week, so visit your library to find out what other great things are happening.
We are honoring our Library Volunteers today with a reception, for all the great work they do for us through the year. Thank you, we appreciate it!

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