Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Now it the time!

The Library Board of the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library is reaching out to the citizens of Monroe with the following message:
The Town budget will be developed over the next few months and that means now is the time to let our First Selectman, the Town Council and the Board of Finance know that you support adequate funding for the library.  The library director has submitted a budget with a modest increase that includes raises for part time employees who have not had an increase for 7 years, in addition to an increase in the book and materials budgets.  The materials budget covers programs, DVD’s, music, magazines and newspapers. Please email, call, or write our elected officials and let them know you support these increases and that you consider the library an important part of our community.   Email addresses may be found on the library website at www.ewml.org or the Town website at www.monroect.org

Every year the library falls behind in its ability to bring the latest informational technology to our citizens and to deliver an abundance of books for young children just beginning their relationship with books.  The library hours of operation have dropped from a high of being open for 58 hours to 47 hours.  The library operates on less than one penny for every tax dollar collected and provides more than the recent bestsellers.  It is where help is given to the patron seeking a new job, the student requiring more resources than his school provides, a meeting place for teens to create their own safe space to share interests outside of school, the first social interaction for a toddler, and enriching cultural and informative programs.

It is time for our 12,000+ patrons who made over 130,000 visits to the library to voice their opinions; for the 10,000 patrons that attended library programs to let their voices be heard! The library contributes to the economic vitality of our Town by demonstrating to prospective residents and businesses that Monroe is a desirable Town in which to live and do business in.  Support the library by writing today.

Submitted by the Library Board of Trustees of the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library
William Ehlers, Chairman
Alice Deak
James Fogarty
Erin Passineau
Emily Serniak
Patricia Shea

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