Monday, December 12, 2011

Ebooks? We Can Help!

EWML is now a member of the Overdrive Advantage program. What is that you say?

Overdrive is the service that our library shares with other Bibliomation libraries that provides ebooks and downloadable audio books. That means Monroe patrons are part of a larger pool of the 48 member libraies using this service. Free ebooks are very popular, and often there are waiting lists for new titles. The Advantage program allows EWML to purchase more copies of popular titles and add titles that can only be used by Monroe patrons. If you see this logo next to the title you are interested in, make sure you sign in as a Monroe library patron.

If you are not using Overdrive now is the time! Many people will receive new ereaders, IPods, IPads and other electronic devices this Christmas. Let our library reference librarians help you use them. Just give us a call or come in with your device and we will get you started. Don't forget, your Kindle is now compatible with Overdrive.

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