Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Morningstar Investment Research Center

If you invest in stocks, mutual funds or ETF’s you know that Morningstar is a trusted name in investment advice. For years EWML carried their printed newsletter and it was very popular. Now we subscribe to their online database providing comprehensive data and analysis of over 35,000 investments. Why the switch to online? The data is real time, not one month old as with the paper version and patrons can access the database from home, 24/7.
If you are new to the online format there are many tools available to help you. The Help & Education tab of the database offers a new tutorial center. Users can get a video overview of each area of the database and determine which tabs or tools they’d like to use. Not interested in a video? There are several PDF’s to read at your own pace. You can research specific investment goals from the portfolio tab such as “Find your Money Baseline” or Retirement Planning.” Use the help and education tab for specific investment topics such as socially responsible investing, exchange-traded funds, and options. The help and education tab also contains the glossary and methodologies section, where users can look up terms and understand Morningstar’s ratings. The Portfolio X-Ray is a really nice tool for users to look at their investments in-depth, and see how they are diversifying their investments.
Also available are monthly training webinars on the first Thursday of each month at 11:00 am, Central Time. You can register for the webinar and participate at home or come in and our reference librarians will help you attend by using a library computer. As always, our reference librarians can help you with this database or with one of the many others we offer, free of charge. Just call the reference desk at 203 452-2850 #6 for help.

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